Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Life lately has been weird, awesome, and overwhelming.  We have traveled so much, last week we were in Amsterdam and on the North Sea in the Netherlands!  Got to see the tulip fields in bloom and enjoy yummy pancakes and waffles. 

The latest and greatest is that our adventure in Germany is coming to a close.  We are moving back to the States. 

Im in a bittersweet, melancholy state of mind about this. 

There are too many lovely things to be said about living in both places.  But I find myself anxious over a lot of the "cons" of living back in the States.  Safety for the children, crime, etc.  A lot of it to be blamed on sensationlised media, Im sure.  I am trying very hard not to focus on those things.

I want to blog about the new adventure we are about to embark on.  I think for me, most of all, it will be therapeutic.  Writing and venting and just reflecting are helpful to a person such as myself. 

Part of this move and why we wholeheartedly (sorta) decided to take the plunge is because this move will put us very close to family.  We have lived in Europe for nearly 6 years and there have been a lot of awful things take place with family in that time.  Now that my mother in law is a widow and my 2 grandmother in laws as well, it is important to have a strong family unit near these lovely women.  My husband is a good man and he is now THE man of his family.  Im glad to be near them and it will mean a lot not only to them, but to us and our children.

I hope that moving improves the quality of life for not only them, but US as well!!

This experience of living here in Germany has been the most monumental, wonderful, growing, awesome experience I have ever had!  I have no regrets!!!

so cheers to us and I will keep this going as best as I can!!!  : )))xoxoox

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