Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is life like in the States, specifically Kansas City?

We are back in the States!  Yeah!!  Its been quite the adjustment returning to our home land and taking in all the new sights, customs, etc, etc.

In the last few months, we have started new schools, bought a house, traveled a bit, explored our new neighborhood, shopped at Target (alot), spent alot of days outside, spent some severely hot days inside (boo), rode bikes, found a pediatrician for the baby, got braces on one kids teeth, went on some roller coasters.  Yeah, I would have to say its been one overwhelming ride so far.  But its going great, and Im glad there have been no major hiccups along the way.

Our vehicles made it safe and sound across the ocean, as well as our furniture!!

What can I say about this specific area we live in?  Well, Im still figuring it all out.  The biggest thing I notice is how super friendly people are here.  Strangers in our neighborhood wave and say "hi", which is new and a lot of people ask a lot of personal questions, such as "what do you do?"--close to short of asking "how much do you make a year".  Not really, but it may be coming, haha.

This is quite an adjustment after living in Europe.  You are only really friendly to people you know well.  It took a few years for the people in our village to even wave hello to us!  It is impolite to ask personal questions unless you are VERY good friends.  I really, really, really miss "home" (Germany), but I am also excited at the possibilities we have in this new place.

Oh the differences...and there are many, but I will take in all the good and the bad and find a way to accept and move forward!

We hardly know our neighbors, but everyone is friendly and we haven't made any friends to hang out with yet, but we have been so busy with our house, unpacking, etc, that we haven't had a chance to socialize, or maybe we're just really weird and have to meet like-minded weirdos, who knows!?!?

Regardless, i'm excited at the chance to build our lives here and learn about what makes this place awesome!

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