Thursday, March 28, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a happy little family that lived in the mountains of Colorado.  One day the Mister got a great opportunity to work and live in Germany.  The Mrs. said "LETS GO" and off they flew into the unknown with their two little bubbies.  Fast forward to 5 years later, one more baby added to the mix and we are still living the dream over in the motherland. 

When we arent traveling, we are raising our 11, 6 and 8 month old in the Rhineland-Palatinate state of Deutschland.  We LOVE Germany, Europe and the lifestyle that is much different than the states.  If we could stay forever, we would, but one day we will have to go home.  For now, we embark on a journey of a lifetime and a means to show our children, that its not all black and white.  There is more than just a box, think outside it!!!

In our spare time we love to travel, ride bikes, hike, eat good food, take pictures and live like rockstars...that doesnt happen nearly as much as i'd like, but a girl can dream!  I love style, design, fashion, crafting, of course, writing and just being aware and open to creativity in all forms!!  I hope to share some of my ideas and inspiration in this blog. 


One thing that totally bugs is this years winter weather.  I can make it look pretty, but after MONTHS and MONTHS of this bitter cold and snow, it gets really old fast.  I am glad that I have my sweeties to keep me warm, and good wine, that always helps!! --thank goodness for the French border being a halfhour from my doorstep.  More to come my friends!  Belgium this weekend for the tour of flanders (bike race) and Tuscany for a week next week!!  OOOOHHHH  Im excited : ))

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