Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunrise ambiance

We have the best sunrises in Germany.  We live in the country, rolling hills of beautiful green pasture.  Outside our front door lies this field.  Usually adorned with cute dairy cows and sheep, unspoilt views capture my heart and hold dear memories close.  As spring approaches, the wildflowers will bloom, the birds will sing, it will be a welcome to the new season of fresh beginnings.

Tomorrow we leave on our big road trip to Tuscany.  A wonderful addition is that my parents flew in from the States to travel with us.  One big happy family! 

It will be cool to show our two older children Italy, and should also be fun traveling with our 8 month old--(im always crossing my fingers on that one)...babies are good little travelers, we took the baby to Paris for New Years at 6 months old and she was a champ!  She is going to beautiful Paris again at the end of the month, with just me so should be a challenge, but stay tuned for that trip!

I hope you have a beautiful day!

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