Sunday, October 12, 2014

its the little things

Lately I have been riding along on my bike, searching out areas near my home to find respite, meditation and a place to take my 2 year old.  We've been exploring this new land of ours with much enthusiasm, and the beauty along the paths has been pretty, as the season begins to change.
 There are times where I feel uninspired and life feels stagnant and depressing.  I have a wanderers heart, and I think my soul thrives not being contained.  I need to be outside, in the city, in the country, but there must be beauty.
 Besides being a busy mama of 3 very active children, I love to cook!  I bought a dutch oven in France right before we left.  We lived only 20km from the French border, so we often did our shopping in France.  I am a definitive Francophile to the fullest extent!  I spent as much time as possible exploring french life and staying in Paris every chance I could.  The dutch oven looks Le Creuset, but minus the big price tag.  50 Euros!!.....and probably better!  haha
So, today Im taking a cue from David Lebovitz and having some Rose with some crushed ice. So Perfect.  One last little ode to the warm weather.  By the way, any good places to buy affordable French wine around here?

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